Weighted Blanket Shopping Guide 2019


What is a weighted Blanket?

A weighted blanket is heavier than a standard blanket or quilt.  It is filled with glass beads to add weight in the quilting. Our blankets have polyester fibers mixed in with the glass beads for extra softness. There are multiple weight options available to accommodate individual comfort needs. See our below chart for our recommended weight choices.

What are the benefits and usage of weighted blanket?

The great benefits of a weighted blanket are to naturally reduce stress and promote rest and relaxation.  The extra weight helps to minimize body movement for a deeper sleep.

How does the weighted blanket work?

Deep Touch Pressure (DTP) is the science behind the weighted blanket. DTP helps to reduce a stress hormone called cortisol, which helps to decrease heart rate, blood pressure, and muscle tension. A positive effect of using a weighted blanket is the release a neurotransmitter called serotonin that is often associated with happiness and relaxation. The weight in the blanket is evenly distributed for better relaxation.

How to pick your weighted blanket?

Weight will be the first consideration when buying a weighted blanket. It can vary from 8lb to 25 lbs. The cover’s material composition is another variable to consider, as some fabrics are softer and more breathable than others.

Products Reviews:

1. Alta Vida Removable Duvet Weighted Blanket


2. Pur Serenity 100% Cotton Weighted Blanket


3. Alta Vida Mink-To-Mink Weighted Blanket



4. Pur Serenity Reversible Microfiber Weighted Blanket


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